Distance Chromotherapy

Distance Sessions are convenient:


Receive a Distance Chromotherapy Session

at home, anywhere in the world 

The contains of this page includes:

  • The Distance Chromotherapy Session
  • The Distance Multiple Chromotherapy Sessions 

The best way to communicate during Distance Sessions is to use Skype, a free phone system via the Internet.  The Skype program can be downloaded free of charge and a video camera can provide visual contact during calls and Sessions. 

The Distance Chromotherapy Session (60 to 90 minutes per Session)

The day and time of the Session will be decided in advance, by email, according to the time zone difference.

Preparation before the Session: chose a quiet room where you will not be disturbed during the Session. If you wish, put on soft music, and light a candle and incense.

At the appointed time, I will call you, on skype or on a land telephone line for a short discussion and to announce the beginning of the Session. Tell me then if you have, at that time, a particular health problem or disease.

Here you lie or sit, and stay quiet during the Session. It is not a problem if you fall asleep, as long as you can hear the telephone ring at the end of the Session.

At the end of the Session, I will call you again to announce the end of the Session and for a sharing. 

According to the circumstances, and to your wishes, you may receive several Chromotherapy Sessions, either spread over several consecutive days, or once a week, or once or twice a month over a longer period.

Note that you can alternate Distance Sessions and Private Sessions. Please consult the Private Sessions page.

Chromotherapy Sessions do not replace a medical treatment.

The Distance Multiple Chromotherapy Sessions (60 to 90 minutes per Session)

Several consecutive Chromotherapy Sessions have shown to be very effective in relieving many discomforts and health problems.

These Sessions are similar to the simple Session described above. They spread over several consecutive days, for 3 days, 7 days or more, according to your wishes and needs. A sharing takes place before the first Session by phone, either on skype or a land line, or by email, in order to establish the schedule of the Sessions.

The Sessions take place preferably everyday within the same time frame, either while you are sleeping or at a time when you are not busy with demanding activities.

Created by Pierre Wittmann