Rates for Chromotherapy Sessions

Promotion Fees 

For explanations and details of the Sessions

please consult the Distance Sessions 

and Private Sessions pages 

Chromotherapy Session (60 to 90 minutes per Session):

  • Distance Session: 40 €
  • Private Session: 50 €
  • For Personal Sessions, special conditions upon request according to location

Distance Multiple Chromotherapy Sessions (60 to 90 minutes per Session):

  • 3 Distance Sessions: 50 €
  • 7 Distance Sessions: 80 €

Duration of the Sessions:

  • The duration of Distance Sessions is limited to the timeframe decided in advance.
  • If the duration of a Private Session exceeds the duration decided in advance, the extra rate will be calculated at the pro rata of the hourly rate.

Conditions of payment:

  • Distance Sessions are paid before the Session.
  • A PayPal invoice is sent by email.
  • The secure payment is done with a credit card and is confirmed by a payment justification.
  • The payment can also be made by bank transfer, taking into account the delay, and possibly the bank fees, this implies.
  • For Private Sessions, the payment is made in cash during the Session.

Created by Pierre Wittmann